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Queen "Seaside Rendezvous" paroles

Traduction vers: EL

Seaside whenever you stroll along with me
Merely contemplating what you feel inside
Meanwhile I ask you to be my Clementine
You say you will if you could but you can't
I love you madly
Let my imagination run away with you gladly
A brand new angle highly commendable
Seaside rendezvous

I feel so romantic can we do it again?
Can we do it again sometime [oooh I'd like that]
Fantastic c'est la vie mesdames et messieurs
[And at the peak of the season
The Mediterranean
This time of year] it's so fashionable

I feel like dancing in the rain
Can I have a volunteer?
[Just keep right on dancing]
What a damn jolly good idea
It's such a jollification as a matter of fact
So 'tres charmant' my dear

Underneath the moonlight
Together we'll sail across the sea
Reminiscing every night
Meantime I ask you to be my Valentine
You say you'd have to tell your daddy if you can
I'll be your Valentino
We'll ride upon an omnibus and then the casino
[Get a new facial start a sensational]
[Seaside rendezvous] so adorable
[Seaside rendezvous] ooh-oh
[Seaside rendezvous]
Give us a kiss!