Queen "White Man" paroles

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White Man

I'm a simple man with a simple nameFrom this soil my people cameIn this soil remain, oh yeah, oh yeahWe made us our shoesAnd we trod soft on the landBut the immigrant built roadsOn our blood and sand, oh yeah

White man, White manDon't you see the light behind your blackened skiesWhite man, White manYou took away the sight to blind my simple eyesWhite man, White manWhere you gonna hide from the hell you've made

Oh the Red man knows warsWith his hands and his knivesOn the Bible you sworeFought your battle with lies, oh yeahLeave my body in shameLeave my soul in disgraceBut by ev'ry god's nameSay a prayer for your race, oh yeah

White man, White manOur country was green and all our rivers wideWhite man, White manYou came with a gun and soon our children diedWhite man, White manDon't you give a light for the blood you've shed?

Oh White man, White man (White man)White man, White manFought your battle with lies, yeahWhite man, White man - but weren't too civilised yeahWhite man, White manTake a look around every skin and bone

What is left of your dream?Just the words on your stone"A man who learned how to teachThen forgot how to learn"Oh yeah...

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