Queen "Dragon Attack" paroles

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Dragon Attack

Take me to the room where the red's all redTake me out of my head-'s what I said yeahHey take me to the room where the green's all greenAnd from what I've seen it's hot it's mean

-Gonna use my stack-It's gotta be Mack-Gonna get me on the track-Got a dragon on my back

Take me to the room where the beat's all roundGonna eat that sound - (yeah yeah yeah!)Take me to the room where the black's all whiteAnd the white's all black take me back to the shack

-She don't take no prisoners-Gonna give me the business-Got a dragon on my back-It's a dragon attack

Get down - Nice and slowHey hey - All right

She's low down-She don't take no prisonersGo down-Gonna give me the businessNo time-Yeah chained to the rack!Show time-Got a dragon on my backShow down-Go find another customerSlow down-I gotta make my way

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