Queen "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" paroles

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke

He's a fairy feller

The fairy folk have gatheredRound the new moon's shineTo see the feller crack a nutAt night's noon-timeTo swing his axe he swearsAs he climbs he daresTo deliverThe Master-Stroke

Ploughman, "Wagoner Will" and typesPolitician with senatorial pipeHe's a dilly-dally-ohPedagogue squinting, wears a frownAnd a satyr peers under lady's gownHe's a dirty fellowWhat a dirty laddio

Tatterdemalion and the junketerThere's a thief and a dragonfly trumpeterHe's my hero ahFairy dandy tickling the fancyOf his lady friendThe nymph in yellow(can we see the master stroke)What a quaere fellow

Ah ah ah ah ah ahAh ah ah ah ah ah

Soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor, ploughboyWaiting to hear the soundAnd the arch magician presidesHe is the leader

Oberon and Titania watched by a harridanMab is the queen and there's a good apothecary manCome to say helloFairy dandy tickling the fancyOf his lady friendThe nymph in yellowWhat a quaere fellow

The ostler stares with hands on his kneesCome on Mr. fellerCrack it open if you please

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