Queen "Stealin'" paroles

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That's the way I amDoes anybody want to know ?This is the way I lead my life, you knowWheelin' and dealin' and a little bit of stealin'You know, that's the way I grew upIt's the only life I knowThat's the way my mother told meAnd they goStealin'I gave you the key to my homeI left you aloneIn charge of my heartHey, stealin'You got me wheelin' and dealin'Playin' with my feelin'Right from the start

Can't afford to pay my rentI had to use my common senseTo get some money I owe, uh ohThis guy said look in my headMake some easy breadStealin' is the only way that I know ohStealin' heyOnly way that I knowYeah that I'm stealin' baby stealin'I gave you board and my own and my ownLeft you aloneNow you're stealin' stealin' stealin'Of my heartYou're my baby's heartUh huh eeeee

Baby let it bleedYou're in charge of my heart

You are in charge of my heartYou are in charge ofYou are in chargeBa la ba la dapBa la da da da dapBa da da da daBecause you are in charge of my heartI gave you the keyAnd told of the manI gave you the keyLooked down on what I saidWhat have I done ?What have I done ?Yes I have got to bleedOn, on and onGot to bleed onOn and onYes got my heartHa ha uh uh uh uhWooh

Ici on peut trouver les paroles de la chanson Stealin' de Queen. Ou les paroles du poème Stealin'. Queen Stealin' texte. Peut également être connu par son titre Stealin (Queen) texte.