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Amal Maher "Zekrayatna (ذكرياتنا)" paroles

Traduction vers: EN TR

لكلام عن ذكرياتنا .. ليه مالينا بالحنين ..
ليه بننسى كل حاجه .. لما نسمع كلمتين ..

"عن زمان وأيام زمان .. وحكايات أولها كان ..
كنا لسه فى البدايه .. كنا لسه عاشقين ...

ليه بنهرب م اللى كان .. لما نتﻻقى ف مكان
فين حنين اول مقابله .. لما كنا مصدقين ...

تعمل ايه كلمة ياريتنا .. ومين يرجع عمر راح ..
كنا بنشوف كل حاجه .. حلوه حتى لو جراح ..

Talking about our memroies.. Why we are not missing?
Why we forgot all happens? When we heard only two words..

Past in old times.. Stories was starting like that..
While we were at beginning.. While we were in love..

Why we are not facing with that? When we met at any place..
Where is exciting to come together? But, how we belief us..

Doesn't work wishes anymore.. Who brings back lifes which away!
But, we were think all good only.. Even have big scars in hearts!