Queen "Barcelona" paroles

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I had this perfect dreamUn sueno me envolvioThis dream was me and youTal vez esta aquiI want all the world to seeUn instinto me guiabaA miracle sensationMy guide and inspirationNow my dream is slowly coming trueThe wind is a gentle breezeEI me hablo de tiThe bells are ringing outEI canto vuelaThey're calling us togetherGuiding us foreverWish my dream would never go away

BarcelonaIt was the first time that we metBarcelonaHow can I forgetThe moment that you stepped into the roomYou took my breath away

BarcelonaLa musica vibroBarcelonaYella nos unioAnd if God is willingWe will meet againSomeday

Let the songs beginDejalo nacerLet the music playAhhhhhhh ...Make the voices singNace un gran amorStart the celebrationVen a miAnd cryGritaCome aliveViveAnd shake the foundations from the skiesShaking all our lives

BarcelonaSuch a beautiful horizonBarcelonaLike a jewel in the sunPor ti sere gaviota de tu bella marBarcelonaSuenan las campanasBarcelonaAbre tus puertas al mundoIf God is willingIf God is willingIf God is willingFriends until the end


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