Amália Rodrigues "Saudade de ti (Só à noitinha)" lyrics

Saudade de ti (Só à noitinha)

Tive-lhe amor, gemi de dor, de dor violentaChorei, sofri, e até por si fui ciumentaMas todo mal tem um final, passa depressaE hoje você, não sei por quê, já não me interessa!

Bendita a hora que o esqueci, por ser ingratoE deitei fora as cinzas do seu retrato!Desde esse dia sou feliz sinceramente,Tenho alegria pra cantar e andar contente.Só à noitinha, quando me chega a saudadeChoro sozinha pra chorar mais à vontade.

Outra paixão no coração, sei que já sentes;Uma qualquer que foi mulher de toda gente!Assim o quis, seja feliz como merece,Porque o rancor, como o amor, também se esquece!

Missing you (Just at nightfall)

I gave him love, wailed with pain, with violent painI cried, suffered, and I was jealous even of myselfBut all bad things must come to an end, soon they are overAnd today, I couldn't explain why, I don't care for you already!

Blessed be the hour in which I forgot him, as he was so ungratefulAnd tossed away his picture reduced to ashes!From that day on I am sincerely happy,I feel so cheerful as to sing and stay merry.Just at nightfall, when loneliness sets in and I miss himI weep alone, so that I can weep as much as I want.

I know that your heart feels passion for another already;An ordinary woman, one who has been every men's mistress!You wanted it this way, so may you be as happy as you deserve,Because resentment is forgotten as well as love.

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