Wang Feng "青春" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

迎面扑来是街上闷热欲望 我轻轻一跃跳进人的河里
外面下起了小雨 雨滴轻飘飘地像我年轻的岁月
我脸上蒙着雨水 就像蒙着幸福
我心里什么都没有 就像没有痛苦
这个世界什么都有 就像每个人都拥有
继续走 继续失去

I plan to set out at dusk
Take the car to a distant place
Tonight, at that place there is my friend's grand banquet
In a hurry, I put on some clothes and leave through the door
A head on attack is on the street, hot and suffocating desire, a light plunge into human's river (1)
Outside it is raining a little, the raindrops' lightness resemble my young years
My face is covered by the rainwater; covered, it resembles happiness
In my heart there isn't something; covered, it has no pain
This world has something, it resembles every person having ownership
Continue walking, continue losing
I have no consciousness up to youth