Les Misérables (OST) "幼いコゼット" lyrics

Translation to: EN

お人形もあるわ 友達もいるわ
誰もどならない いじめたりしない

白いドレスの人 唄う子守唄
ねえ コゼット愛していると
みんな楽しくて 誰も泣かないわ
夢でゆきたいな 私の城に

There is a castle on that cloud
There is no need to do cleaning as well
Dolls and my friends are there
Nobody shouts and bullies me

A person in white dress, singing a lullaby,
whispers to me
Like "Cosette, I love you"
Everyone is having fun, no one cries
I want to go in sleep to my own castle