amazarashi "逃避行" lyrics


地下鉄にへばり付いたガム踏んづけて もう何もかも嫌になったああもう全部止めだ ここにしがみ付いてる価値はないそもそも前から気に食わなかった イライラすんのは割りにあわない辛酸舐める日々の逆境 夢が重荷になってりゃ世話ねぇ

磨り減ったスニーカーじゃ 雨の日は上手く走れない磨り減った魂じゃ 辛いとき上手く笑えない

たまらずに人ごみを走った 今思えばあれが始まりだ押しつぶされた僕の逃避行 上手く行かなけりゃ死んでやるぜ「死に損なった」って言うより 「生き損なった」ってのが正しいそんな僕らの長い旅が たった今始まったばかりだ

自由に生きたいと思えば思うほど 向かい風は勢いを増した結局どこに行ったって 問題はそれなりにあるもんだでも それなら なおさら 僕は僕を選ばなきゃいけない終わりが訪れた時 後悔しない僕に出会いたい

振り切った臆病が 馬脚現せと狙ってる乗り切った困難は 姿を変えて襲い掛かる

銃弾の雨を掻い潜った これが僕の選んだ戦場夢や時給や社会体の 奴隷になってる暇はないぜ「生きながらえた」って言うより 「生かされてる」って方が正しいそんな僕らの長い旅は 決して孤独なんかじゃなかった

僕等を走らせるなら きっとなんだっていい恩義でも逃避でも 世間体でも逆恨みでも問題は僕らがどこまで行けるかって事僕らがいつまで戦い続けるかという事

そもそも前から気に食わなかった きっかけなら何でも良かったあのへばり付いたガム踏んでやろう そいつのせいにしてやろう僕の場合は逃げ出したいから なのに今も戦っているよそれでいいだろ

たまらずに人ごみを走った あの日のスピードで生きたいな掴み取るその理想の重さ 僕らの悔し涙と等価死に場所を探す逃避行が その実 生きる場所に変わったそんな僕らの長い旅の 先はまだまだ遠いみたいだ

Escape Journey

I stepped on gum that was stuck to the subway and felt like I couldn't stand anything anymoreAh, just stop everything already. There's no value in sticking around hereI didn't care for this place from the start; it's not worth getting mad overThe adversity of days spent experiencing hardship, if my dreams have become a burden then there's no helping it

I can't easily run on rainy days with worn-out sneakersI can't easily laugh in difficult times with a worn-out soul

I ran through the crowds of people, unable to endure it. When I think about it now, that was the beginningMy escape from society, beaten down. If it doesn't go well, I'll show them all and dieIt's more fitting to say I failed to die than to say I survivedFor those of us like that, our long journey has only just begun

The more I thought that I wanted to live in freedom, the stronger the headwinds blew against meIn the end, no matter where I go, every place has its own problemsBut if that's how it is, then that's all the more reason I have to choose myselfWhen the end comes for me, I want to see myself with no regrets

The cowardice I managed to shake off is aiming to expose me for who I really amThe troubles I overcame are changing their appearance and bearing down on me

I slipped through a rain of bullets; this is the battleground I choseI don't have time to be a slave to my dreams, hourly wages, or society as a wholeIt's more fitting to say I'm being kept alive than to say I survivedFor those of us like that, our long journey was by no means a lonely one

If it gets us to run, then I'm sure anything is fineEven if it's an obligation, an escape, how society sees us, or being hated unjustlyThe problem is how far we can goHow long can we keep on fighting?

I didn't care for this place from the start; I was looking for any reason at allI'll go and step on that gum that's stuck there and blame my feelings on thatBecause in my case I want to run away, but despite that I'm still fighting nowI think things are fine that way

I ran through the crowds of people, unable to endure it. I want to live my life with the speed I had on that dayThe weight of the ideals we hold so tightly, equivalent to our tears of frustrationMy escape from society to find a place to die, in fact, became a place to liveFor those of us like that, it seems the end of our long journey is still far, far away

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