Céline Dion "Another Year Has Gone By" lyrics

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Another Year Has Gone By

So many 25th's of DecemberJust as many 4th of July'sAnd we're still holding it togetherIt only comes down to you and I

I know you can still rememberThings we said right from the startWhen we said that this could be specialI'm keeping those words deep down in my heart

Another year has gone byAnd I'm still the one by your sideAfter everything that's gone byThere's still no one saying goodbyeThough another year has gone by

I've never been much for occasionsYou never let a birthday go byWith announcing how much you love meBut the truth was always there -right there in your eyes

And we're still holding hands when we're walkingActing like we've only just metBut how could that be - when there's so muchhistoryGuess that's how true lovers can get

Anoter year has gone by.

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