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Matoub Lounès "Assagi lliɣ" paroles

Traduction vers: EN FR

Assagi lliɣ azekka wissen
Nniɣ-d ayen ẓriɣ
D wayen a ttwaliɣ
Cfut di targa ma ɣliɣ
D anza-w aa wen-d-yessiwlen

Ya lemri fki-ɣ-ak-n udem-iw
Tṛeğmeḍ-t-id s ccwami
Mi kkerɣ ad qazmeɣ lebɣi-w
Iḍelb-iyi-d ayagi
D idammen-is neɣ d idammen-iw
D netta neɣ d nekkini

Ifer n leḥbeq yugad
Yugad taɣert d-ileḥḥun
Ul-iw kecment-ett tiqqad
T-times i t-id-yettsuḍun
Abeḥri n lḥif a yettzad
Bɣan awal a ɣ-t-ɣbun

Bɣan a ɣ-ḥeṛṛen s amḍiq
Iweryan heggan-aɣ-ten
Mi newqeε an-nettijjiq
Llazuq ger wafriwen
Ajenwi a d-yas s aεenqiq
A ɣ-zellun yiwen yiwen

Xas ḥeṛṛen-iyi ṛebεa leḥyuḍ
Xas lfinga a tt-waliɣ
Xas lḥif a yi-d-isuḍ
Xas yecceḍ webrid aa awiɣ
Ma nnan-iyi-d s anda tleḥḥuḍ
A sen-iniɣ nek d Amaziɣ

Alive, today….

Alive today, but tomorrow, who knows?
I tell you what I know
And what I see
Remember this: If I fall down in the river
My ghost will call you back.

Mirror I gave you my face
You stoned it to scars
I stood up to face my desire
“He” asked me this:
My blood or his blood;
That’s the way it is: Him or I?

The basil leaf is scared
Is scared by the running drought
My heart is dug with burnings
From the fire that blows over him.
Here comes the cooling wind of fate
They want to ban us till our words.

They’d like to block our way,
Preparing bird traps for our capture
We’re crying at bay
And the resin hinders our wings
The dagger sharpens at our throats
They’ll slaughter us one by one.

If 4 walls surround me,
If the scaffold I can only see
If I’m sucked up by Misery
And if my way is down to the gap
Then ask me: Where do you think you’re going?
And I’ll answer: I AM AMAZIGH!