amazarashi "Maegaki (まえがき)" lyrics

Maegaki (まえがき)

上手く逃げおおせたと思っても 夕暮れ時の影みたいに付きまとう不確かさは自身の背丈をこえて もはや死神の類いだ心ならずとも流れ流れて どうせ戻れなどはしないのだ自身の弱さや不成功を顧みる 青の時代はとっくに過ぎたのだひぐらしの声が 遥か遥か遠く風が吹けば飛ぶよな、惨めな決意だが触れたくても触れられないもの 消したくても消せはしないものどっからどこまでが自分で どっからどこまでがあんたで

懐かしい感傷と呼ぶには 煤けすぎた失敗達と行こうか行かざるかにあえぐ これからのあんたへ捧ぐ


even if you think you’d skillfully managed to escapelike a shadow at dusk, it sticks to one’s heels;that uncertainty overtakes you in heightalready akin to a grim reaperdespite not wanting to, one goes along with the flowin any case, going back or anything like that is impossibleone reflects on one’s own weakness, failures, etcyouth was over a long time agothe calling of cicadas is far, far awayif the wind blows, it’ll fly away, though it’s a miserable determinationthings one wants to touch but which can’t be touchedthings one wants to erase but which can’t ever be erasedhow much of that is oneself– how much of that is you–

failures too stained to be called nostalgic sentiments;burdened with whether or not to walk with themdedicate them to your future self

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