Cœur de pirate "I Don't Want to Break Your Heart" lyrics

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I Don't Want to Break Your Heart

Those street lights are changingAs new waves of sorrow enter the nightAnd concrete walls can singAll of the times we raged in fright

Can you face the facts or are you ignoringWhat we’ve becomeAnd I’ll walk in silence until I have foundWhat needs to be done

Chorus:But I don’t want to break your heartIt’s hard enough that we’re apartAll I can say is your nameWhat we had could not be tamedAnd we can fight all we wantThe sun is setting on our loveAnd I can’t take another lieSo for now I’ll say goodbye

I can recall all of the timesThat I’ve waited for youJust give me a sign that you want to hearWhat we are going through

And those walls keep our secretsAnd they’re ignoring what we’ve becomeJust walk out in silenceI think we’ve foundWhat needs to be done


I told my bae it’s her lifeAnd she the freshest for getting meTold her goodbye because this rideCould get dirty yea

I couldn’t lie, I keep my message like 3rd degreeBurn you inside, ain’t wanna fire my lady yeaWait till I’m 88, then I’ll have the key

Thinkin back on my shorty, and realize it’s for meI leave the date then I radiate, I’m young and I’m freeThinkin back can’t be sorry, I love you best when I leaveAw boo

Chorus (x2)

Here one can find the lyrics of the song I Don't Want to Break Your Heart by Cœur de pirate. Or I Don't Want to Break Your Heart poem lyrics. Cœur de pirate I Don't Want to Break Your Heart text. Also can be known by title I Dont Want to Break Your Heart (Coeur de pirate) text.