Mohammed Abdel Wahab "Lasto Adry" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

جئت لا اعلم من اين ولكنى اتيت
ولقد ابصرت امامي طريقا فمشيت
وسأبقى سائرا ان شئت هذا ام ابيت
كيف جئت كيف ابصرت طريقى لست أدري

انا لا اذكر شيئا من حياتى الماضيه
انا لا اعلم شيئا عن حياتى الآتيه
لي ذات غير انى لست ادرى ماهيه
فمتى تعرف ذاتى كنه ذاتى لست أدري

اين ضحكى وبكائى وانا طفل صغير
اين جهلى ومراغي وانا غض غرير
اين احلامى وكانت كيفما صرت تسير
كلها ضاعت ولكن كيف ضاعت لست أدري

I came, from where? I know not, but I did
I saw a path in front of me, so I walked
And I'll continue on walking, whether I like it or not
How did I came? How did I found my path? I don't know

I do not recall a thing from my past life
I know nothing about my present life
I have a self, but I don't know what it is
So when will my self know it is myself? I don't know

Where is my crying and laughing when I was small child?
Where is my innocence and joy when I was an immature youth?
Where are my dreams that followed me wherever I went?
All of that have faded away, but how did it fade away? I don't know