Laibach "The Whistleblowers" Слова песни

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The Whistleblowers

We rise, we grow.We walk and we stand tall,we never fall,as big as the sky,as high as the dawn.

We walk and we do not fall.

We sleep, we dream,with no time in between.We never stop,listening our chant in the heat of the nights.

We see, the spirit is clean.

From north and south,we come from east and west.Breathing as one,living in fame or dying in flame.

We love, our mission is blessed.

We fight for you,for freedom and for sin.Thinking as one,rolling along to the beat of the drum,

We watch,to red cross machine

We rise, we grow,we walk and we stand tall.We never fall,as big as the sky, as strong as the dawn.

We walk and we never fall.

We stand alone,but soon the day will come ,When freedom reach,we meet again and we take the lead.

And walk, once more as one.

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