Laibach "Zhonghuá" Слова песни

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Arise,You who refuse to be slaves!With our flesh and bloodLet us buildOur new Great Wall!

The Chinese peopleHas come to its timeOf greatest peril,And everyone must send outA final roar!

Arise! Arise! Arise!

Qilai! Women wanzhongyixin,Qilai! Women wanzhongyixin

We are millions,But of one heart.Brave the enemy's gunfire,March on!Brave the enemy's gunfire,March on!

March on!March on!March on!And on and on and on!

Здесь можно найти слова песни Zhonghuá Laibach. Или текст стиха Zhonghuá. Laibach Zhonghuá текст. Также может быть известно под названием Zhonghua (Laibach) текст.