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Слова песни "Türkiye" Laibach

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Fear not and don't dismayed,
The crimson flag shall never fade.
I know, it will always shine,
My nation's star and it is mine.

It will always shine,
I know it will always shine.
Freedom is my people's right!
Freedom is my people's right!

The West may be armored with steel,
But we have the faith and belief.
Freedom is my people's right,
We worship God and seek the might.

Sonmeden yurdumun unstunde tuten en son ocak.
O benim milletimin yildizidir parlayacak;

Freedom is my people's right!
Freedom is my people's right!

Ata, Ataturk, Ata, Ataturk

Исполнитель: Laibach
Альбом: Volk
Language: English

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