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K.J. Yesudas "Vaishakha Sandhye" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

Movie - Nadodikattu

Vaishakha sandhye nin chundilenthe
Aruma sakhitha nagara kaanthiyo
Mohamee parayu nee
Vinnil ninnum paari vanna laavanyame (vaishakha )

Oru yugam njan thapasirunnu
Onnu kaanuvan
Kazhinja kaalam kozhinja sumam
Poothu vidarnnu (2)
Mookamamen manasil
Gaanamay nee unarnnu (2)
Hridaya mrudula thanthriyenthi Devamrutham (vaishakha )

Malarithalil mani shalabham veenu mayangi
Rathi nadiyil jala tharangam neele muzhangi (2)
Neerumen praanalil nee aasha than thenozhukki (2)
Pulaka mukula menthi raaga vrundavanam (vaishakha )

Oh, the evening of vaisakha month, what is that on your lips?
Is it a reflection of the glorious lips of your dearest lover?
Oh my desire, speak to me
you, the eternal beauty who have transcended straight from heavens

I have waited for an entire epoch,
just to get a glimpse of you
As begone times and fallen flowers blossomed before me (2)
You have risen as a magnificent melody in my mind which had gone completely mute(2)
Ever so soft strings of my heart has delivered to me this elixir of gods

A golden butterfly has fallen asleep on a pretty flower petal
Water waves are being resonated all along the river of purest love(2)
you have poured soothing honey of hopes over my paining soul(2)
The garden of melodies is carrying with it buds of Horripilation