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Warda Al-Jazairia "7aramt A7ebak (حرمت احبك)" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

حرمت احبك
ما تحبنيش
وابعد بقلبك
وسيبني اعيش

ولا تشاغلني ولا تحايلني
بعد اللي قلته
واللي عملته
حرمت احبك
ما تحبنيش

ظلمت قلبي
وتقول بريء
وسايبني وحدي
وسط الطريق
عايز حياتك وذكرياتك
عشان ما تخسرش اي شيء

ما اعرفش انت حبيتني ليه
ولا انت حبيتني ولا ايه
ولا انت فاكر ان انت قادر
وقلبي ملكك
تحكم عليه

I quit loving you
Don't love me
And go away with your heart
And let me live

And don't you try to charm or beg me
After what you said,
And what you did
I quit loving you
Don't love me

You were unfair to my heart
And you say you're innocent
And you leave me alone
in the middle of the road
You want both your life and your memories
So that you wouldn't lose anything

I don't know why you loved me
or whether you loved me in the first place
Or do you think that you are all-mighty?
And that my heart is yours
to judge1