Queen "You and I" paroles

Traduction vers:elrosruk

You and I

Music is playing in the darknessAnd a lantern goes swinging byShadows flickeringMy heart's jitteringJust you and INot tonightCome tomorrowWhen everything's sunny and brightNo No NoCome tomorrowCos then we'll be waiting for the moonlightWe'll go walking in the moonlightWalking in the moonlightLaughter ringing in the darknessPeople drinking for days gone byTime don't mean a thingWhen you're by my sidePlease stay a whileYou know I never could foresee the future yearsYou know I never could seewhere life was leading meBut will we be together for everWhat will be my love, can't you see that I just don't knowNo no not tonightCome tomorrowWhen everything's gonna be alrightWait and seeIf tomorrowWe'll be as happy as we're feeling tonightWe'll go walking in the moonlightWalking in the moonlightI can hear the music in the darknessFloating softly to where to lieNo more questions nowLet's enjoy tonightJust you and IJust you and I

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