Queen "Sleeping On The Sidewalk" paroles

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Sleeping On The Sidewalk

I was nothin' but a city boyMy trumphet was my only toyI've blowin my hornSince I knew I was bornBut there ain't nobody want's to know

I've been sleeping on the sidewalkRollin' down the roadI may get hungryBut I sure don't want to go home

So round the corner comes a limusineAnd the biggest grin I ever seenCome on sonny won't you signright along the dotted lineWhat you sayin' Are you playing?Sure you don't mean me?

They took me into a roomwithout a tableThey said \"blow your trumphetinto hereI played around as well as I was ableAnd soon we had the record of the yearI was blowin to a million fansNothin' was a missin'All the people want to listenYou'd have thought I was a happy man

I was sleepin' like a princesNever touch the roadI don't get hungryAnd I sure don't want to go home(have to have some fun)

Now they tell meThat I ain't so fashionableAn'I owe the manA million bucks a yearSo I told 'em where to stickthe fancy label

It's just me and the road from here

Back to playin' and layin'I'm back on the game

Sleepin' on the sidewalkRollin' down the streetI sure get hungryand I sure do wanna go home

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