Nassif Zeytoun "Mich Aam Tezbat Maii - مش عم تضبط معي" lírica

Traducción al: EN RO TR

b3ref b2nak sakni 3ayesh fe ro7e mjanene
w jowa 7obak aserni w 3am kaber
broghm el aswe ele b2albak wel ta3ab ele mrafa2 darbak
wel bo3d ele 3eshto fe rbak ana zalem
msh 3am tezbat m3e e3sha2 ghayrak la walla
msh 3am tzbat m3e eshke lghayrak 2ool el ah

7obakk 3amle edman
saken fe dame el sheryan
saken 5alaya 3a2le mnasene 7ata el nisyan
7a2i2a lmasta fe edaye shefta b2albe w 3eneya
yemken jen w yemken moot laken ensa ma fye

mssh 3am tezbat...................
haramet tol el eyam ene eghfa ene nam
5ayef law gheflet 3ayne erga3 shofa fel a7lam
7ayate ba3dak ghayarta soware w sowarak khaza2ta
ter2at ele feha mshena el mar2a feha 7aramta

i know you are living in me and in my soul you are making me crazy and ur love is having me like a prisoner i cant deny this
although our story was hard and we had many difficulties and although you are tough and forgetting me but i cant forget you or love anyone else but you..i cant say ahhh to anyone but you

im addicted to ur love its in my blood
u made me forget what is forgetting
i know the truth which is i can die or get crazy but i cant stop loving you
it was the fate that wanted us to meet each other

i didnt want to sleep so that i dont see u in my dreams
after u i changed my life and i tried to forget the places where we went and the words that we said but that was over my control because u are living in me...have mercy on my heart and go back to be the old lover that i want