Cannibal Corpse "Rabid" lyrics

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Like a virus of the mindMy rage will spreadMy obsession with murderRoils in my head

Killing victims with my handsI cannot controlThese extreme compulsionsBurn in my soul

Foaming at the mouth I leapOnto my preyTarget of my violenceWill die today

Feel the victim's cracking bonesHe screams in painOnly slaughter brings me peaceI have gone insane


Inflammation of the brainFury overwhelmsThere is something wrong with meI am not well

Victim's headThumbs in his eyesBlood is squirting from the socketsPours down the sides

Smash his teeth with my fistTear off his noseLaughing at his shattered faceRage only growsWith my fingers gouge his throatRip slabs of fleshI continue the assaultBut he is clearly dead


Can't restrain my need to kill them drives me madI'm insane I want to spill blood with my hands

Schizophrenic maniaParanoid anxietyViolent ferocityCriminal insanity

I am obsessed with butchery I am madA trail of corpses so much blood on my hands


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