Cannibal Corpse "Eaten From Inside" lyrics

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Eaten From Inside

Dwelling inside was an angeran anger that grew into hatredGrindingturning inside of meSeekingfinding the need to feedOn my soulit now appears I've lost controlOf my mindit's now begun to tear and grindThe painits destination my brainCan't hide from being eaten from insideInside

Originating deep withina heart that is now cold and deadTearing its way through my organsleaving nothing but shredsRippingtissue is torn awaySeveringparts and veins in the wayMy insidesare on the outside of meMy bonesnow shatter and explodeThe painits destination my brainCan't hide frombeing eaten from inside

Left on the ground is my headwaiting for the final blowBrain violently corrodingthe end won't come fast only slowSeeingwhat's left of my bodyDrowningblood is surrounding meMy skullmelts revealing my brainExplodingmy body's implodingThe painits destination my brainI've diedI've been eaten from inside

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