Red Hot Chili Peppers "Bicycle Song" lyrics

Bicycle Song

[Verse 1]Here she comes in a suit and tieShepard's bush and a leopard's pieShe marching to the funky beat ofJames Brown and his dancing feetGoing to set your fish on firePistol whipping of desireSo please do not resist your fateI'll pick you up, yes it's a date

[Pre-Chorus]How could I forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention?Sitting there in a silent movieBeside the only girl who really ever moved meHappy days, but sad I'm facingHeaven knows that I'm on the caseHow could I forget to mention the bicycle?

[Chorus]Somebody told the worldThe beauty of your verseMy girl, I heard it firstThe beauty of your verse

[Verse 2]A sticky finger and a wicked tasteGot a lot of love and a lyrical caseBe sure to write it in your bookI promise not to lookWant to smell your sunny faceFunny place but it's never a wasteI'd hop this fence to make amendsI hope this movie never ends



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