Red Hot Chili Peppers "Bicycle Song" lyrics

Translation to: HR

[Verse 1]
Here she comes in a suit and tie
Shepard's bush and a leopard's pie
She marching to the funky beat of
James Brown and his dancing feet
Going to set your fish on fire
Pistol whipping of desire
So please do not resist your fate
I'll pick you up, yes it's a date

How could I forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention?
Sitting there in a silent movie
Beside the only girl who really ever moved me
Happy days, but sad I'm facing
Heaven knows that I'm on the case
How could I forget to mention the bicycle?

Somebody told the world
The beauty of your verse
My girl, I heard it first
The beauty of your verse

[Verse 2]
A sticky finger and a wicked taste
Got a lot of love and a lyrical case
Be sure to write it in your book
I promise not to look
Want to smell your sunny face
Funny place but it's never a waste
I'd hop this fence to make amends
I hope this movie never ends