Red Hot Chili Peppers "Your Eyes Girl" lyrics

Your Eyes Girl

I’m afraid that I’m never afraidI’ve got combat bootsAnd I’m American madeFor your eyes girl

Mormon lover on a delicate dayGonna marry the bossGet carried awayWar cries girl

I’m not immune to Canadian snowNow teach me everythingThat I should knowWith your eyes girl

Freeze on the radioI’ve got to leave and moreFreeze on the radioI’ve got to bleed into snowHold onLet goWe know

Do you shine like a temple insideCan I open your coreSo gentle and wideLike your eyes girl

Rack ‘em up stretch ‘em outWhen they’re tightThis acetylene torch is giving me sightWar cries girl

Black and blue from the hullabalooDo the caribou biteWhen they look into youAnd your eyes girl

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