Red Hot Chili Peppers "In Love, Dying" lyrics

In Love, Dying

In love dyingThere’s a flawless rainIn love dyingOne foot in the astral planeSomeone’s sighingThere’s a virgin roadWaiting to be strodeRope’s untyingThis power I could not withhold

SatisfyingWhat do we containCan’t stop cryingThese tears of changeRemain the same

My girl she shoots downThe baddest of guysShe knows that theyWant me deadShe fires up the starry nightAnd fills them so fullSo full of lead

In love dyingDoes it go two waysIn love dyingThis body I can not detain

Wake up flyingShe the solar shoresPassers buyingThe memories we readorn

In love dyingNothing to obtainIn love dyingNo crawling thruThe halls of fame

In love dyingLoss becomes the gainIn love dyingRecreate meSo I may sustain