Cannibal Corpse "Meat Hook Sodomy" lyrics

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Meat Hook Sodomy

Butchery my meat hooks sharpened to penetrateEmasculate, gouging crotches I will eatHung upside down, holes punctured through half chewedGristle, debauchery with dead bodies, turning greenUpheaveal of human entrailsDeterioration of grated genitals, dangling from the hooksObscene feelings deep inside meDislocating, separating a bloodDrenched bodyBegin the anal grountingAwaiting insertion, to rip out intestineBodily destructionVulgar molestationTreachery never ending soul rippingLifeless bodies rot, petrifiedCloggins veinsPresure buildingScabbing clotted sores dehydrateCondemned to life of obscurityDismal dimensions of my being, I explore my thoughts through murderDevoting my life to mutilationScreams of blood saturate, grubs feed on dilapidatedStumps, darkness overshadowing the killingEyes now dialateBodies disintegrateRazor sharp hooks implanted in your rectumSplitting bodies, spilling guts on the groundSodomizing living beings with my utensilsStabbing on your life stripped of all your skinDisgusting to the worldBeauty to my eyesThe body lying naked, discharging my infectionInvigorating while I kill, intoxicatingInvoking suffering on human beingsGrinding orifices my only therapySculpting goreMuscle tissueReshapingMounds of flesh, deformationSkulls of victims stacked like trophiesBleeding from your arse sudden blood ejection

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