Cannibal Corpse "Centuries Of Torment" lyrics

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Centuries Of Torment

GenerationsDenying penanceEternal life rebornTime and time againDenySalvationI refuse itI will not be savedReturn to human formMurder

HeartlessBestialI killWithoutPity for victims with untrue godsMy instinct will push beyondFeelings like guilt, remorse or mercyMy flesh holds a soul of

GenerationsDenying virtueEternal hate rebornTime and time againDefyRedemptionSpit upon itMy soul they cannot claimReturn to kill againButcher

UncleanSpiritSearchingHuntingAnother life to maim and killA beast with brutal willLifetimes spent on a quest for bloodAnd with my death it does not end

Evil reborn for eternityCenturies of torment

I will not be saved

When I dieThey beg me to repentI refuse

I returnThe past forgotten but evil innateThey have lost

They will not be savedThey will die

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