Cannibal Corpse "I Will Kill You" lyrics

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I Will Kill You

Bleed for my painRevenge on treacherous snakesThey will pay

Slicing the fleshSculptured wounds my catharsisI will stain

Into the heartNeedle injects gasolineConvulsions

The one that they betrayedHas made them this way

Plagued by the bastardsI will kill youKilled by my rage

Scream at my faceThe grisly scars went unavengedUntil now

Deep in the holeYou are not gagged and scream aloudBut unheard

Choke on your vomitYou watch your hands cut offThen your legs

The one that you betrayedWill kill you this way

Scarred by the bastardsI will kill youKilled by my rageI must kill you

Into the throatThe scalpel slicesWarm blood sprays outThe gushing entices

Pull out your heartAnd let you watchShove in your mouthThen stab your crotch

I watch your agonyI am releasedFrom years of painYour death avertedMy becoming insaneYou are dead

I have killed you

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