Cannibal Corpse "Confessions" lyrics


Crimes of passionRuled his mindThe anger insideCompassion he will never find

The pain and pleasureOf the bladeAnd he lovedThe screams she made

Forgive me fatherFor I have sinnedBecause the angerBurned within

UnfaithfulHe saw it in her eyesThey wouldn't hideBetrayal and her wicked lies

ConfessionsFrom a dying manListen nowAnd understand

ShadowsIn the nightPainThat summons fright

He lookedInto her eyesAnd tells herTonight she dies

But to youI must confessThat when she diedShe was the best

Here one can find the lyrics of the song Confessions by Cannibal Corpse. Or Confessions poem lyrics. Cannibal Corpse Confessions text.