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Ermal Fejzullahu "Zemrushe" lyrics

Translation to: EN IT

Para meje del ti mprovokon se e din qe zemra ime ty te don

Luajn para meje mperqafon pse zemrushja ime shpirtin ma ngacmon

Te kam zemrushe ty ne zemer me ke hy Do te dua je per mua o per kta dy sy
in Albanian when you say "per keta dy sy" it's means 'let my two eyes be taken from me if i am lying'

Dashurin per mu e ke ma e mira ti me je dua ta them fjalen si ty ska askush

Shpirti nuk qetsohet Zemra me shpejtsohet

Per dit te kam afer o moj zemrush

Shum me dashuri me perqafon

Dua qe ta dish qe ky djal ty te don

Me ty deri nfund un dua te jem dashuri per jet un dua te kem

you come out in front of me and provoke me, 'cuz you know that my heart wants you/loves you

you dance in front of me and hug me, why does my sweetheart tease my heart/soul

you are my sweetheart, you have entered my heart, i will love you, you are for me, (oh for these two eyes of mine)=(i swear on my life)

you have love for me, you are my best, i want to say to you, there is no other like you

my soul doesn't settle, my heart races

everyday i have you close(r), oh sweetheart

you hug me which so much love

i want you to know that this guy likes you (as in him)

i want to be with you until the end, i want to have love forever