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Ermal Fejzullahu "Ku i kam shokët" lyrics

Translation to: EN

Ku i kam shoket e mi, hallet me mi kja
A vijn bylbylat, shpirtin verë t'ma bajn?

A thu ka pranverë, për mu gzim a ka?
m'thoni shokë njiher, ma shtoni sevdanë

Pse m'bani me vdek, a s'ju vjen gjynah?
a m'shifni tuj hjek, ah sa në hallë jam ra?

Where are these friends of mine, so i can vent to them (share my problems)
are the nightingale's coming, to keep my soul at ease

would you say there is spring (season)? is there still happiness for me?
tell me once my friends, and my desire(longing) will lengthen

why do you make me (want to) die, do you not feel sinful
do you see my state, oh the problem i am in