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Ermal Fejzullahu "Vetem Ty Nuk Te Kam" lyrics

Translation to: EN

Me i pas pas un ment
e sodit kur isha me ty
un prej teje kurr nuk isha nda
o sa shum po me dhemb loti qe e mbaj ne sy
o sa shum me djeg malli me t'pa

Me i pas pas un
ment e sodit kur isha me ty
njeri tjeter sot un isha kon

Un e di se kot
mendoj per nje pun qe u kry
por njeriun shpresa po e mban

I kam krejt i kam
e rri me shpirt te strukur
s'te kam ty nuk te kam
andaj s'mund te jem i lumtur

If i had the brains
I have today, when i was with you
I would have never left you
Oh how much these tears hurt that i keep in my eyes
oh how much this longing to see you burns

if i had the brains
i have today, when i was with you
we would have been with one another

I know that it is useless
that i hope for something that has already happened
but hope keeps a person going

I have it all, I do
yet i remain with a (not sure what strukur means) soul
i don't have you, i do not have you
that's why i can't be happy