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Ermal Fejzullahu "Vajzat" lyrics

Translation to: EN

vajzat jane o djale te mira shume
por kur nuk e din cfare pret prej nje vajze
o te lene pa fjale o pa gjume
dhe cdo here ato te sjellin telashe

sado qe mundohesh e nuk ja prish qejfin
prape do te mashtrohesh ato dicka fshehin
sikur marimanget ato thurin rjeten
po u dashurove i mjeri ti per veten

jo mos u mundo kure s'do ti kuptosh
o jo jo ti mos fol kure te nervozohen
jo jo vec i puth edhe i perqafon
vajzat kur deshprohen me puthje qetesonhen

jo jo kur mos u mundo me i bind me fjale
o jo jo ti mos fol vetem perqafoj
eja meri me te mire ngadal me ngadal
vajzat kur deshprohen me puthje qetesohen

Girls, my boy, are oh so good
But when you dont know what to expect from a girl
they leave you with no words and no sleep
and everytime they get you in trouble

no matter how hard you try to please them
you'll still be fooled, something they hide
like a spider they build the net
if you fall in love you'll feel sorry for yourself

no dont even try because you'll never understand them
oh no no never make them nervous
no no just kiss and hug them
girls when they are sad with kisses you make them feel better

no no never try to convince them with words
oh no no don't you talk, just hug them
treat them good and slow
girls when they are sad with kisses you make them feel better