Bryan Adams "Please stay" paroles

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Please stay

We shared a special momentI think you felt it tooI know you wanted moreRight now, this is the best that I can doIf I gave you too little too lateHow is that a noI don’t wanna give you upBut I don’t wanna let you go, please stay

I just need a litte timeAnd a little help to findAll the words to say, please stayBefore you walking out the doorI know you wanted moreSo give me one more day, please stay

You were looking after youI was looking after meSometimes it’s hard to know the differenceBetween what we want and what we needI might not have said all the right thingsBut I know the way I feelGive me one more chanceBaby we can make this real, please stay

Don’t wanna hear you say goodbye‘Cause there’s a million reasons whyWe shouldn’t let it end this way, please stayI don’t wanna see you goI need to let you knowSome things are hard to say, please stay

Please stayDon’t wanna walk away, please stayWe shouldn’t let it end this wayI know you wanted moreJust give me one more day,Please stay

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