Queen "Let Me Entertain You" paroles

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Let Me Entertain You

Let me welcome you ladies and gentlemenI would like to say helloAre you ready for some entertainment?Are you ready for a show?Gonna rock gonna roll youGet you dancing in the aislesJazz and a razzmatazz youWith a little bit of styleC'mon let me entertain youLet me entertain you let me entertain you

I've come here to sell you my bodyI can show you some good merchandiseI'll pull you and pill youI'll crueladeville youAnd to thrill you I'll use any device

We'll give you crazy performanceWe'll give you grounds for divorceWe'll give you piece de resistanceAnd a tour de force of course

We found the right locationGot a lot of pretty lightsThe sound and amplification listenHey if you need a fix if you want a highStickells see to thatWith Elektra and EMIWe'll show you where it's atSo c'monLet me entertain you let me entertain youLet me entertain you

Just take a look at the menuWe give you rock a la carteWe'll breakfast at Tiffany'sWe'll sing to you in JapaneseWe're only here to entertain you

If you wanna see some actionYou get nothing but the bestThe S and M attractionWe've got the pleasure chestChicago and New OrleansWe get you on the lineIf you dig the New York sceneWe'll have a son of a bitch of a timeC'monLet me entertain you let me entertain youLet me entertain you tonight

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