Pocahontas (OST) "El Wohoosh 2 (الوحوش ٢) [Savages (Part 2)]" lyrics

Translation to: EN

انت عارفة طريقك دلوقتى
كمليه يا بنتى

حان الوقت حان
!يلا يا رجالة
نور الفجر بان
!هاتوا المسجون
!لازم نحرق الزبالة

أنا مش عارفة أعمل ايه
يا قلبى دليلى احتار
!نهجم ع الاشرار
طير يا نسر و خدنى ليه
نبدأ منغير انذار
يا قوى انت يا جبار
!ندفنهم الحثالة دول
أنا زاد خوفى عليه
تلعب بيا الأقدار
!اهجم! اقتل! احرق

!الوحوش الوحوش
!أشرار أندال
!الوحوش الوحوش
جنس مالوش أمان
مايعرفوش الحب
معندهمش قلب
(صوتها عالى طبول الحرب)
يلا ندق طبول الحرب
يلا ندق طبول الحرب

بيعملوا ايه؟
!دول مش بنى أدمين
(!يلا دقوا طبول الحرب)
أنا مش عارفة أعمل ايه
صوتها عالى طبول الحرب


You now know your path,
Go through it, my daughter

The time is now
Let's go men!
The light of dawn has loomed
Bring the prisoner!
We must burn the trash!

I don't know what to do
Oh my heart, I am thoroughly confused
[Let's attack the evil ones!]
Fly, oh eagle, and take me to him
[We start without warning!]
Oh you are powerful and titanic
[We will bury them, those dregs!]
My fear for him has grown
Fate is playing with me
Attack! Kill! Burn!

The monsters, the monsters!
They are evil scoundrels!
Kill them!
The monsters, the monsters!
A race that is not to be trusted,
They do not know how to love
They are heartless
(Oh how loud are the drums of war)
Let us sound the drums of war
Let us sound the drums of war

What are they doing?
They are not humans!
(Come on, sound the drums of war!)
I don't know what to do
the drums of war are loud