Ayumi Hamasaki "Carols" lyrics

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初めて会った日を 今も覚えている?照れたように君はうつむいて目を反らしてばかりだったね

その仕草をとても 愛しく思うようになったのはいつの頃だったかななんだか懐かしいね



夜通し話してた 未来だとか今があまりに私には眩しくて尊く感じていた



わかり合えないまま すれ違った日も涙の日 そして笑顔溢れる日もそうどんな時だってどんな君であってもいつも受け止めるよ



Do you remember the first day we met even now?You looked abashed, hanging your headAnd turning your eyes away

I wonder when such a manner became so dear to meIt makes me feel a little nostalgicDon't you feel so?

Many seasons have passed byWith quick steps since then

(*) When the white snow colors the cityLet me stay by your sideThough I may bother youAgain and again

We talked overnight about our future and the momentsI felt they were so dazzlingAnd precious

Tears welled up in my eyesWhen I thought it would be niceThat I could forgive my past some day

(**) When the white snow meltsAnd the city becomes vivid and colorfulI like to keep you closestTo my heart

The days we couldn't understand each other and partedThe days of tears, the days of smiling facesWhatever may happen and whatever mood you may be inI'll always accept you

(*) repeat

(**) repeat

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