Sting "Soul cake" lyrics

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Soul cake

A soul cake, a soul cake,Please, good missus, a soul cake,An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry,Any good thing to make us all merry.A soul cake, a soul cake,Please, good missus, a soul cake,One for Peter, two for Paul,And three for Him that made us all.God bless the master of this houseAnd the mistress also,And all the little childrenThat round your table grow;The cattle in your stable,The dogs at your front door,And all that dwell within your gatesWe'll wish you ten times more.A soul cake, a soul cake:Go down into the cellarAnd see what you can fi nd;If the barrels are not emptyWe'll hope that you'll be kind;We'll hope that you'll be kindWith your apple and your pear,And we'll come no more a-soulin'Till Christmas time next year.A soul cake, a soul cake:The streets are very dirty,Me shoes are very thin,I have a little pocketTo put a penny in;If you haven't got a pennyA ha'penny will do;If you haven't got a ha'pennyGod bless you.A soul cake, a soul cake:

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