Enya "My! My! Time Flies!" lyrics

My! My! Time Flies!

My! My! Time Flies!One step and we're on the moonNext step into the starsMy! My! Time flies!Maybe we could be there soonA one-way ticket to mars

My! My! Time Flies!A man underneath a treeAn apple falls on his headMy! My! Time Flies!A man wrote a symphonyIt's 1812

My! My! Time Flies!Four guys across Abbey RoadOne forgot to wear shoesMy! My! Time Flies!A rap on a rhapsodyA king who's still in the newsA king to sing you the blues

My! My! Time flies!A man in a winter sleighWhite white white as the snowMy! My! Time flies!A new day is on its waySo let's let yesterday goCould be we step out againCould be tomorrow but thenCould be 2010

Here one can find the lyrics of the song My! My! Time Flies! by Enya. Or My! My! Time Flies! poem lyrics. Enya My! My! Time Flies! text. Also can be known by title My My Time Flies (Enya) text.