Majida El Roumi "لا مش انا اللي ابكي" lyrics

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لا مش انا اللي ابكي

لأمش انا اللي ابكي ولا انا اللي اشكـــيلو جار علـيا هواكو مش انا اللي اجري واقول عشان خاطريولا ليـــا حق معاكتبقى انت هاجرني وانت اللـــي ظالمنـــىو فاكرني هترجاكانا قلتها كلمة وكل شئ قسمةودي قسمتي وياك**********وكفاية قلبي انشغل . على قلب خان الاملوعايزني ارجع تاني لاارجعلك تاني لالا لا لا*********من كام سنة لما نار الهوى بينا فاكر احنا قلنا ايه؟مش دي راحة قلبي ولا دا امل حبي اللي اتفقنا عليهاشمعني انا عهدك صنته وراعيت ودك والعمر داب حواليهلكن اللي بيحبك ملهوش تمن عندك والغالى يرخص ليه؟************انا راح زماني هدر . ولا كنش عندك خبروعايزني ارجع تاني لاارجعلك تاني لالا لا لا***********انا مش باعتبك دلوقتي انا بدي اقول ليه ده يحصلعلشان نهايتك ونهايتي كان يجري ايه لو كانت اطولغيروك . علموك . تنسى وتبيع اللي كــــانبيعته ليه؟ تنسى ليه ؟ فين حبيبي بتاع زمان؟*************فين قلبك من حبى ليه ماسكنـــش جنــبيكان مشاركنى فى عمري ونسي يشارك قلبي***********مقدرش يعرفني معرفش يفهمنيوعشان ايه معرفش ده ذنبك مش ذنبي**********تبقي انت هاجرني وانت اللي ظالمنيوفاكرني هترجاكانا قلتها كلمة وكل شئ قسمةودي قسمتى وياك**************وكفاية قلبي انشغل . على قلب خان الاملوعايزنى ارجع تاني لاارجعلك تاني لالا لا لا

No, It Is Not I Who Would Cry

No, it is not I who would cry, or complainIf your love was unjust with me.It is not I who would run after and say "Please"If I had a right on you.You would be the one who deserted and was unfair with me.And you think that I would beg you?NO… NO… NOI said it before: in every thing there is a shareAnd this is my share with you.And it is enough that my heart got busywith a heart that betrayed hope.And you want me back again? NOGo back to you again? NOSeveral years ago, when love started between us,Do you remember what we said?This is not my heart's comfort nor my love's hope which we agreed on.Why did I keep the promise and take care of your friendship?While life melted around you?Why?Who loves you does not have any value to youAnd what expensive becomes cheap for you?Why?My time was wasted and I didn't knowAnd you want me to go back to you? NOGo back to you? NOI am not blaming you now;I just want to know why this is happening.Because why couldn't your end and mine be longer?They have changed you;they taught you to forget and sell what used to be.Why have you sell it? Why have you forgot it?Where is my old beloved?Where is your heart regarding my love?Why doesn't it reside near me?It used to share my life with me, but forgot to share my heart.It couldn't know me… it could understand me.And because it couldn't, it is your fault and not mine.

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