Queen "My Baby Does Me" lyrics

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My Baby Does Me

Turn it up a bit please

My babyBaby doesMy baby does me goodMy baby doesMy baby does meMy baby does me good

My ladyUnderstandsUnderstands me rightShe understands meShe understands meUnderstands me right

My baby caresShe really caresShe knows what's really right for meDoes me good then she hurts me soShe winds me up and then lets me goTurns me on and then tells me noShe's just a pussy cat

My baby loves meMy baby loves meMy baby cuffs meOne day she tells me that she caresAnother day she tells me she don't love meShe really really does meOohNow people do you believe thisDo youOoh-oh

Oooh-oooh-oohShe really really really really really reallyDoes me…

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