Queen "All Dead All Dead" lyrics

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All Dead All Dead

She came without a farthingA babe without a nameSo much ado ‘bout nothingIs what she’s try to saySo much ado my loverSo many games we playedThrough ev’ry fleeted summerThrough ev’ry precious day

All dead all deadAll the dreams we hadAnd I wonder why I still live onAll dead all deadAnd alone I’m sparedMy sweeter half insteadAll dead and gone all dead

All dead all deadAt the rainbow’s endAnd still I hear her own sweet songAll dead all deadTake me back againYou know my little friend’sAll dead and gone

Her ways are always with meI wander all the whileBut please you must forgive meI am old but still a child

All dead all deadBut I should not grieveIn time it comes to ev’ryoneAll dead all deadBut in hope I breatheOf course I don’t believeYou’re dead and goneAll dead and gone

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