Nyusha "Why" lyrics


In the cityThere’s a thousands doorsA thousand girlsThey wanna be lovedWhen you call meWanna hold my handYou know you can’tBut you don’t have the wordsAnd I know youIf I need an endYou’ll understandThat you don’t need me.Please forgive meI’m not your lightI’m not your lightI wanna know just

[Chorus:]Why, why I don’t wanna be with youAnd I cryNow and thenJust why, why I’d rather be aloneAnd see my lifeNot with you

Now I really feel an emptinessAnd only stressI wanna hideAnd you saidThat you don’t believeYou don’t agree,You don’t understandAnd you saidThat I’d crush your worldI crush your heartI wanna know whyWhy is it soTell me pleaseI wanna knowI wanna know just


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