Nyusha "Why" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: HU IT LT FA RU SR

In the city
There’s a thousands doors
A thousand girls
They wanna be loved
When you call me
Wanna hold my hand
You know you can’t
But you don’t have the words
And I know you
If I need an end
You’ll understand
That you don’t need me.
Please forgive me
I’m not your light
I’m not your light
I wanna know just

Why, why I don’t wanna be with you
And I cry
Now and then
Just why, why I’d rather be alone
And see my life
Not with you

Now I really feel an emptiness
And only stress
I wanna hide
And you said
That you don’t believe
You don’t agree,
You don’t understand
And you said
That I’d crush your world
I crush your heart
I wanna know why
Why is it so
Tell me please
I wanna know
I wanna know just