Kazem Al-Saher "Ti7b titdalla3" lyrics

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Ti7b titdalla3

شگد تحب تدلع لاتمل لاتكل لاتشبعHow much she likes to be spoiled ,she never bored never been tired never satisfy

تخليك خفة دمها غصباً عنك تتولعShe makes you love her out of your control

تطلب ورد نجيب الوردWhen she request for a flower ,I bring to her

تگول اللون أحمر ماريدهThen She says that the color is red and that she don’t want it

تزعل ونبـّوس بالخدShe became angry ,I kiss her cheek

ندلعهـا نخليها سعيــــدةI make her spoil and happy

يجي الليل تـوّلع شمعWhen the night comes ,she likes to inflame the candles

تعلـّي الموسيقى وتتجننAnd she heightens the voice of the music ,and becomes mad

تعرف كيف تغازل روحيShe knows how to flirt my soul

وتلعب بإحساسي وتتفننAnd to play with my feelings and makes diversity

she likes to be spoiled

Shged ti7b titdalla3 la tml la tkl la tshba3

tkhaleek khiffat damha ghazban 3annak titwalla3

Titlb ward njeb el-ward

Tgol el-lon a7mar ma rida

Tiz3al winbawos bil-khad

Ndalla3ha nkhalleha sa3eeda

Yiji el-lel twoall3 sham3

T3alli el-mosiqa w titjanin

T3rf kef tghazl rou7i

W til3ab bi7sasi w titfanan

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