Nancy Ajram "Moush Far'a Ktir | مش فارقة كتير" lyrics

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Moush Far'a Ktir | مش فارقة كتير

مش فارقة كتير في قربك زي في غيابكهتفرق ايه سنين وانا عايشة بعذابكوقفت معاك ولا عمري ما قلبي يوم سابكوفي الاخر ماقدرتش ولا حسيتمسيري انسي هييجي اليوم ووقعت بس هقومما هو مش انا اللي هموت من الاحزانوماتخافش عليا هعيش انت ماتعرفنيشكام يوم هيرجع تاني زي زمانهزعل ليومين ما انا طول عمري زعلانةوهندم لية ما انا خسرانة خسرانةده بعد سنين بقيت دلوقت متخانة ياريتنيما كنت من الاول انا ضحيت

Not Much Difference

There's not much difference,In your presence and in your absenceWhat will change?Years and I lived in your torment

I stood by you,and my heart never left youBut in the end I couldn'tAnd I didn't feel.

Try to forget,The day will come,And the time to stand.It's not me who will die from sadness.

And don't worry about me,I'll survive.You don't know me.How many days till he'll come back like before?

I'll be sad a couple of days,I've been sad my whole life.Why should I regret?I lost him, lost him.

But after years,I found that you were a traitor.I wish I never loved you from the start.

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